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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 47-Manchester England-Manchester

Hello Family!

We saw the hand of the Lord in helping us get in contact with Julian. We were unable to make contact while he was away due to the fact that it was going straight to voicemail when we called and no one answered the door when we tried by. While traveling to an appointment by bus when I felt impressed to try by Julian's home again. The impression came right after speaking to an atheist next to me. The stop was immediately following so I jumped off and told Elder Suss, "Let's go."

We got off and knocked to find him in! He had lost his phone while on holiday and expressed to us that he still wanted to continue learning. He had also read in the Book of Mormon while he was away to our great surprise. It was an answer to numerous prayers I had made to my Heavenly Father. Looks like the Spirit whispered to our family in numerous ways this week. An increased testimony from each of us has been developed as mentioned in D&C 130 that every blessing we receive is predicated upon obedience. Whether it be attending the temple or sharing the gospel, the principle is the same. We will be seeing Julian tomorrow.

Sister Gregson called me during companionship study a couple of days ago to also share the experience with me. I was greatly touched. My love for Elder Suss continues to increase day by day. I am still working on the principle of patience in certain occasions in the work, but nonetheless, my love increases as I am aware in developing this Christlike attribute.

We saw many other great occurrences this week. One being a less-active member named Ona. She is from Lithuania and we saw her the previous week. She lives the gospel perfectly except to the fact of church attendance due to her work schedule. We went by to teach her but after speaking to her son Giedrus, he told us she wasn't in. I then asked him a few questions and talked to him about the gospel for a minute or two. I then asked if we could come in and teach him and accepted. He had been taught by the missionaries about a year or so ago. We shared the Restoration with him and seemed to understand most of it. We are seeing him as well tomorrow.

Elder Lamb and I street contacted a man named Kenneth the day before transfers. He is from Houston but his wife is English and they're are both black. We set up an appointment with him and taught him a couple of days ago. His wife wasn't in the lesson. She is a devout Pentecostal Christian and Kenneth has a belief in God but desires a real answer to know he is there. Due to his wife's faith, she has tried to help him develop an answer through the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues and being "slain" by the Spirit. We discussed this with him and how the Holy Ghost can and does work. We also mentioned the Restoration and Book of Mormon and committed him to read and pray.

We also taught a man named John whom I bus contacted a couple of weeks back. He is English and is an evangelical Christian. He has attended numerous churches in the past and is a studier of the Bible. He is one who picks and chooses the doctrine he likes in these different churches he has attended. We also shared the Restoration with him. He was asking many questions in regard to the great apostasy and priesthood authority in Jesus Christ's Church. I did a lot of the talking in that lesson due to the types of questions and vocabulary he was using. We discussed scriptures in the Bible to refer to each others viewpoint concerning his questions. I am grateful that it was never a bash but was a very good discussion. We also had questions in regards to the Holy Ghost and what His nature and purpose is according to our doctrine. Elder Suss and I each both bore powerful testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon to close. We are seeing him in a couple of weeks.

Driving lessons continue to go well. I am doing one lesson a week for one hour until my practical test on September 28th. Just working on minor touches to this point and making things habits to ensure I pass my test, but I am completely comfortable driving a manual at this point. I wouldn't mind driving one when I return :)

I am glad to hear everything went superb this first full week of school. Does everyone like their teachers and classes? Are we happy? How is Colton being at home? Anxious/excited/ nervous? How is the mission preperation going?

What is Elissa's address? I sent her a letter a month or so ago but it came back with an incorrect address. I forgot to mention that I got a letter from Tom and the family. They were all fantastic and enjoyed each of what they said. I also got a letter from Zach and his mother that were also briliant around the same time as Tom's.

My conclude by expressing my love and gratitude for each of your examples and continuous love towards me. I am grateful for my upbringing. That I was taught the principles of rightouesness and how to have true happiness through them. And that throught those principles, I have progressed into the individual I am today. I am grateful for you continual spiritual experiences and examples. Remember this teaching, "How is it done (Enos 1:7-8)?" Become.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 46-Manchester England-Manchester

Hi Family!

I forgot to mention that Monday was a bank holiday and yesterday we went on a church history tour for our Zone Conference. So that is why I am emailing you today.

Last week was a tough one. The week was definitely harder on Elder Suss than on me. He became frustrated with things falling through. It doesn't hinder me anymore. I was rather bold and expressed to him that you're going to have days like this (quite often) and you're going to have to get through it. Elder Suss speaks good English but is having a difficult time understanding it. It has put me in the position to take a lot of load in finding and teaching situations. We have been working on everything together in companionship study and he is improving very well. I feel I am doing my best to help him become and develop patience. Nothing to worry about at all family :) it is just how missionary life is. Just pray for him to develop more faith, patience, and recognize the Spirit.

We tried to get a hold of Julian, we went by his home yesterday but he unfortunately wasn't in. Pray that we get in contact with him.

We have had successful experiences regardless, however. We have taught lessons this week to other investigators. It is all a matter of having these people increase their knowledge and application on the first principle of the gospel: Faith in Jesus Christ.

We also had a great experience yesterday teaching a family of three yesterday. We tracted into them on Sunday afternoon and met the wife/mother named Denice is an inactive member. Her husband Norman and son Sam joined in on the lesson as well. We were truly able to teach to their needs. We had a great discussion on the nature of God, recognizing the Spirit through prayer, and our Heavenly Father's plan for us.

Denise brought up in the discussion the doctrine of becoming like our Heavenly Father. She agrees with and finds the doctrine wonderful. I felt impressed to hold on to that particular point due to the fact they had blatantly declined the invitation to attend church with us the Sunday before. I expressed the brilliance and love of this principle. I told them that no doctrine is more simple or basic than man can become as his Maker. If we are children of our Heavenly Father, why can we not progress and become as He is? It is the same way here on earth, why not in Heaven? No other church offers that. Our Church offers this expression of Deity in greater amounts more than any other church: that is love. No one else's a plan to salvation offers as much love as than that of Christ's restored gospel. Life is about progressing to become. The scriptures teach us that we learn "line upon line, precept upon precept." As Joseph Smith said that the principles of the gospel are like taking one step at a time on a ladder, so is our way to and through eternal progression and happiness.

Denice than expressed to me that what I told her had a profound influence on her. The presence of the Spirit was there as both Elder Suss and I testified of truth to them. Although they were opposed to coming to church, they did accept the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon after Denice's comments. We are very much looking forward to helping them accept invitations on our next visit.

The Church History Tour was fantastic. We went to Liverpool, Preston, and Downham village. Great things happened at these places and I wish that I had the time to tell you but unfortunately I do not.

I loved the letters you wrote. It touched to read your studies and experiences you had this week as always. Talk to you on Monday!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 45-Manchester England-Manchester

Hi Family!

Before I forget, this next week is transfers and the idea of leaving Stretford is ultra-unlikely. I will either email your next Wednesday or Thursday. Whether I have a new companion or not it completely up in the air.

Julian is still doing quite well. He loves being around us. We had tea with a member from Mexico with him the other day and he loved it. He also loved church yesterday. He was a bit hesitant on the Law of Chastity intially due to passed circumstances but all was well the second time around. We are teaching him the Word of Wisdom tomorrow and pray that goes well. He does drink but I think it is more socially. He is definitely a 20-year-old Colombian kid who likes to party so hopefully the Spirit can touch his heart tomorrow of the truthfulness of the inspired principle.

As far as safety goes, everything is well. The rioters are only rioting for the sake of it here in Manchester and it only really happened one day. We were asked to avoid Piccadilly for a day and we stayed in for the evening the day it all happened. Luckily, we had Multi-Zone Trainings that day. After that nothing happened and everything is under control. Some of the shops around Piccadilly have boards where some windows were smashed.

I had quite the experience setting up an appointment with someone on the bus who was deaf. We were on a double-decker and I went to the back of the bus to sit next to him on the top floor. I started speaking when he immediately signaled with his hands pointing to his ears that he couldn't hear me. I however persisted in lipping words very slowly. We were able to show thumbs-up and smiles to communicate agreement/understanding. I was able to use hand gestures, the Restoration leaflet, and the Book of Mormon to have a quality gospel converstaion on the bus to someone who couldn't even speak! I was able to show so simply the principle of authority, prophets, and prayer all by using visual movements and pictures. I then gestured that we wanted to tell him more about the Book of Mormon and he accepted. I pulled out my planner and started thumbing through which day was best for him. He selected Monday (today) at seven. I was able to get his address and name as well. I hope we do see him.

It was absolutely fascinating to me how the simplicity of the event had a very profound impact on me as I have reflected upon it. I thought about a man with humble situations and circumstances who couldn't hear, let alone speak, could understand simple gospel principles better than all of the educated and eloquent people who are only intrigued with the doctrines of men rather than the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether we teach him or not, I know that both Winston Wellington and I were taught in both of our minds and in our hearts that day on the 256 double-decker bus.

We were able to teach two Hindu's yesterday named Reda and BJ. They were very kind and very devot in their religion. They are both from India and are fantastic. We were able to exchange beliefs but we were able to pray and teach them the message of the Restoration. They invited us to their Hindu temple to have food and we invited them to church, reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, and baptism. The accepted the first two of the three extended :) We are teaching them again Sunday but I don't know about attending the Hindu temple, we will no doubt need approval for that.

Lastly, I'll share some of my thoughts and feelings on Alma 5. In the previous chapter, it discusses the thousands of converts who were baptized and entered the Church. Shortly thereafter however, pride and contention inflated among Church members, thus disallowing progression to occur among the Church. Alma shows his love and concern for the welfare of the saints souls by leaving the judgment-seat and solely dedicating himself to his calling as high priest over the Chruch. I thought abould that great act of boldnesss and faith to make for the people he presides over.

A thought that came to me as I was studying verses 4-13 was Moroni's Promise. Alma preaches to the land of Zarahemla to remember the mercy of the Lord to them personally and to their fathers. When we remember the tender mercies of the Lord from the beginning to now, we too can have the promise that Alma extends that Heavenly Father will change our hearts as we yield to his will.

I abosolutely love his thought provoking/inspiried questions thorughout the chapter. I loved verse 38 as well. I could feel the Spirit of the increase amount of love Alma showed after heavily rebuking them. The Good Shepherd truly does continually call us to come and follow Him. What a sacred action and invitation.

Unfortunately that is all the time I have to share but I love you and will speak to you next week!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 44-Manchester England-Manchester

Dear family,

Another good week here in Manchester. Especially with Julian. It was a bit mad with all of the travel we have to do in this area but all is well. Elder Lamb and I continue to have a good relationship and find ways that we can improve upon.

I read Mosiah 4 earlier this week. King Benjamen's words inspired me as I felt the Holy Ghost enlighten my mind and heart as I studied. I pondered much on the humility of King Benjamen's people, especially on how it described their meekness to find themselves to be "even less than the dust of the earth(v. 2)." How open their hearts must have been to have the words of their king to influence their desires to submit to their level of humility.

I also loved verse 11. Even those who come to a knowledge of our Heavenly Father's reality and divinity have only "tasted" of His love. Tasted. To believe that I have only felt a minuscule amount of my Father's love for me on earth leads me to ponder on the incomprehensible way He express His perfect love whilst in His presence. Our Father offers all that He has. All glory, dominions, power, principalities, kingdoms, etc., can be ours because of His perfect and infinite capacity to express love. What blessings are also promised in verse 12 as we heed King Benjamen's counsel in this verse.

Driving has gone very well but also very expensive. I'm putting in my reimbursements tomorrow so I will have a lot more money, but I probably need another $150. My instructor says I'm nearly ready for my practical test and if I pass that, I will have my licence. I probably won't take that until the beginning of October due to the long wait to take it. I feel badly for the economic burden this all is but if I could have it as soon as possible the better so I can book my test as early as possible. Yes, it is pretty much the same reason as before.

Julian as I mentioned is doing fantastic. He went to church again yesterday and is doing amazing. He has been highlighting all of the verses that impress him and those he has questions on. He had a Book of Mormon in English for a little while because we didn't have one in Spanish at the time. He was looking up words in the dictionary to improve his English and going on mormon.org in Spanish. He continues to give fantastic prayers in both languages. I have been able to develop a really good relationship with him this past week. One of his friends named Claudia is from Chile and she has expressed to Julian that she has some interest as well. We are planning on teaching her this week too, please pray that we do so.

I am grateful I was taught early on in my mission how to bus contact and speak to everyone on the bus. Even though there are many instances where passengers/bus drivers get very upset and threaten you I have seen miracles from that way of contacting people. Some of my best conversations have been on trains and buses. I have a testimony of speaking to everyone that is in your eyesight, even if they are 100 yards away and you have to run after them. You don't need to worry about speaking to the right person if you are speaking to everyone. I always strive to be a forever finder wherever I am and always ask for the Lord's help as I do my best to do so. I absolutely love speaking to people. If I wouldn't have spoken to Julian, we would have not had him as an investigator with a baptismal date and a referral from him as well. I can't express to you how much my self-motivation and work ethic has increased because of my mission.

I enjoyed each of your emails this week. I always look at the Sacred Missionary Document to evaluate where I am as a missionary and set goals and make plans to help me become. I also have a testimony of revelation at the temple, Dad. I learn something new from and feel the influence in the Spirit every time I pray to my Heavenly Father when I enter the Celestial Room.

Well I am happy to hear that I probably won't be missing any NBA this next season due to the lockout. That is a great sup rise. That Kevin Durant story was unbelievable. 66 points while being triple-teamed! I had no idea that was occurring. Manchester United had a game at their stadium against a New York team that they beat 6-0. Around six o'clock the streets were absolutely flooded around our flat's area with Man U fans. The official Premier League starts this upcoming week I believe.

I was laughing out loud as I read the stories about the dogs and Jaela. I can't believe they were laying in the middle of the street and weren't moving. Lauren was right in the letter she wrote to me, they really are so lazy! Do we not have a fence at our house. Sorry for ignorance, I just haven't seen my new home so I have no idea. Tell Jaela that Cameron says Happy Birthday!

I am excited to hear Colton, that you got a good topic to speak on for you farewell. Did you get to choose that? How did you manage to do two? Are you excited? That is great opportunity that you have to do two talks.

Continue to pray that we have new investigators and that we invite everyone effectively as you expressed, Dad. We as a companionship are now going through our former and potential investigators and calling them. I have done this in all my other areas but it is something in the missionary work side of things I can better apply and how to become.

I will read Alma 5 and will follow-up on it with you next week, Dad. I hope I can gain great knowledge and be able to best evaluate myself and what I need to improve on in my continual becoming process. I keep you all in my prayers and fast for you every fast Sunday. I know you all do the same for me and I express my gratitude for doing so. Have a great, becoming week!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 43-Manchester England-Manchester

Dear family,

It was a fantastic week here in Manchester. I was able to see great blessings in occurance throughout the week. A lot of work still needed to be done here in the vineyard of Stretford, but I hope that all continues to go well with yourselves and I.

First, I will share some thoughts and insights in my studies this past week. I went through "Preach My Gospel" on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As I was reading and studying on the topic of repentance, I turned to the Bible Dictionary. In Greek, repentance means a change of mind. I then found myself reflecting on the idea that the Spirit's influence must be present in order for us to have this change of mind to occur. Those who have the necessity to feel the Spirit witness to them of the second principle of the Savior's gospel must first show the primary step that takes the initial leap of faith: humility. In order for one to repent and feel the influence of the Holy Ghost, they must be submissive to anything that draws them to the Redeemer. Whether it be an action, event ,circumstance, or environment it must influence one's self to show humility towards faith in the Master.

My exchange with Elder Metseranta was brilliant. Throughout our exchange, we were able to have great conversations on desires, the importance of continual progression, and experiences in our time as missionaries. It was a "refiner's fire" kind of day. We had mostly finding on our first day together, but that is when we were able to get to know each other and learn from one another the best. Elder Metseranta was a great example in diligence as well as teaching to meet the needs of the investigator. I absolutely loved it.

We also have an investigator dated for the 27 of August. His name is Julian Ruiz and he is from Colombia and is 20. I spoke to him a about a week and half a go on the bus to interviews and trainings. He obviously spoke Spanish so we had a minimal conversation in his native tongue. He didn't have any belief in God and I talked about and showed him the Book of Mormon. I mentioned that it was proof that God exsists and that He loves all of His children. I then set up an appointment with him that intially fell through due to his schedule. We arranged another time and since we have seen him twice. He came to church with us yesterday and enjoyed it.

After sacrament, I followed-up with him on how his prayers were. He gave a very detailed description in what he had said in his prayer the night before and how he felt as he did so. He mentioned that it felt a little bit like he was praying to no one. I just told him keep working at it and that it just takes practice. I was very grateful for his humility on keeping all the commitments we have extended to him thus far. Pray that he continues to progress and that the language barrier won't effect his progression.

Dan Campbell unfortunately did not make it to church. We taught him on Saturday about desires with refrences to Dallin H. Oaks last conference talk. He expressed that he wants to commit to full activity again and have the vision of attending the temple to recieve his endowment. He said he was taking the bus to church but unfortuntely did not show. We will be seeing him later on in the week.

The wards here are not doing this 15 program. They have a ward mission plan and a list of 5 names to each set of missionaries in this ward. Dan Campbell is one of ours. The ward mission leader is great and is doing a lot of great things to help the ward progress. They have reach-out nights every two weeks to try by less/inactives.

We have been doing a between an hour of two of service at a charity shop the past couple of weeks. We move furniture from downstairs to upstairs and vice-versa. I offer to service nearly everyone I meet but the English are a very closed people and are difficult to the idea of accepting help. Working with charities or small organizations is probably the most effective way to build service oriented relationships in order to share the gospel in this country. Luckily I am told but nearly all that the north is very much more friendlier than the south and am grateful for that. But don't misunderstand me from these statements, I love English and everything about them!

I hope your last summer month goes fantastically! When does school start? Is anyone exicted? I myself can't believe how quickly the time has gone either. It seems like yesterday was my first day in Southport.

We went to the driving range last Monday (P-Day). It took me a while to get some distance at all but I finally did and ended well with a nice blister on my thumb. We are going to he Manchester University Museum today so that should be great as well.

Here are some pictures of Elder Lamb and I as well as the other Elders in our flat/area. Elder Davey (left) from Sussex, England and Elder Gianotti from Milan Italy.

I have a fantastic driving instructor named Ian from Nottingham. I'm the first American he has taught and we started a good relationship right off the get-go. I had a very good lesson with him last week and I have two lessons this week for tomorrow and Wednesday.

I love you all and again hope all is well in Potato Land. May we continually recognize the Lord's hand in all that we do as we are obedient to the principles and ordinances of HIs gospel.


P.S. I just sent Colton an email regarding last weeks letter. Also, if you could possibly send a letter to Elder Lamb, that would be fantastic!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 42-Manchester England-Manchester

Dear family,

My flat address is: 17 Mellor Street
Stretford, Manchester
M32 0PP

I'll begin with my interview with President Preston. It was more of a "get to know me" interview so nothing too major. He has a lot of love about him. He is always smiling and is very sincere. He is definitely very English as well. He asked me about what I have thought about my mission and what I have learned. I expressed that my mission has changed me in every aspect. I told him the most important things I have learned thus far were from President Bullock and the concept of becoming. It went very well and we have a good relationship now from the get-go.

I miracle we saw this week was teaching a less-active named Dan Campbell. He has struggled to come to church for a long while due to personal circumstances. He understands the gospel very well and knows its principles. We taught him twice this past week. Those might be the some of the most spirtual lessons I have had on my mission.

The first visit, he asked for a blessing with a certain illness. I sealed the annointing and gave the blessing. It was a sacred experience to have the words given to me in my mind and heart to what I should say. I was rather bold in what I felt impressed to say. I remember specifics of saying that Dan has been given great knowledge and understanding of the gospel. I also mentioned that the Lord expects him to apply that knowledge. The blessing also discussed how he has been given sufficient time to accomplish what Heavenly Father wants him to accomplish and become. It is very important that he makes the most of that time. I blessed him that he would be able to have strength and courage he needed to perform and his body would be healthy enough to do so. After the blessing was finished, he was in tears.

We went back two days later and I felt impressed that we should share the home teaching message of President Uchtdorf on commitment. Dan definitely got the message in the middle of the lesson and asked "Do you feel that I need more commitment?" Elder Lamb struggled to respond directly to the question and so I simply said "Yes." We sat in silence for a good five seconds and he looked up at me and said "Okay." The Spirit was very strong in that moment and we commited him to church. Dan attended and I later learned that was the first time he had been to church in two years and he loved it. He is an incredible man with great intellegence. I feel that he needed some boldness and it paid off. He expressed to me after the second lesson that he cried for an hour after I had given him the blessing and how grateful he was for it. It was definitely another sacred experience for my mission.

In my studies this past week, I read in Jacob 3:1-2. Something that particularly stuck out to me was the word "feast." My trainer taught me from the scriptures that feasting is simply more than indulging. It is a time of considerable preparation. Jacob counsels us to feast on our Heavenly Father's love with the preparation of firm minds, exceedingly faithful prayer and heeding to the console of Him. As we do so, we yield our hearts unto God and receive the blessing of purifying and sanctifying our hearts to Him (Helaman 3:35).

Pray that we find new investigators. There are people all over the place and we just need to find the "one" as you mentioned Dad. It was a good week for finding but we just need solid ones now. I feel we are due this week.

Sorry that this email is much shorter but I am running out of time. I got a letter from Cassie Tobler (complete suprise) and Jayci a few weeks ago but I wont expect anything from anyone else for two weeks.

Thank you for your wonderful email Colton. I enjoyed reading it and hope that you will continue to strengthen your testimony and keep your focus continually on your mission. I love you all!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 41-Manchester England-Manchester

Dear family,

Well not much has happened really since I last emailed sadly. We wont see Mark and Laura until the end of this week because they are in the south of England until Wednesday night. The ward seems strong and quite solid. We had a great tea appointment with the Diamond family yesterday. They reminded me a lot of our family with how they interacted and such so it was great to get to know them.

We went finding in Piccadilly near the Manchester University. It was totally different to me because of the mass number of people. I'm used to speaking with everyone I can see but in the situation in was nearly impossible with the amount of people. There are a lot of foreigners here. You meet a lot of people from Africa, the Middle East, and China. I actually had quite the experience with stopping a man from Mexico. His english was very limited and I was able to speak enough broken Spanish that he could understand what I was saying. I remember thinking to myself how amazed I was with some the words and terms I was able to remember. I was grateful for what the Spirit was able to give me.

I love the Chinese. They are so innocent and friendly. We actually stopped a woman whose english name was Nancy and taught her on the spot. It wasn't really a proper lesson, but we talked about the Spirit and how to recognize it. We also discussed our relationship with our Heavenly Father. She asked us what made us want to give up two years of our lives and speak to random people everyday. I then told her very simply that because we are children of our Father in Heaven, we are all brothers and sisters. I remember saying to her "Nancy, I'm your brother and you're my sister. We speak to everyone because we are all God's children and we want all of our brothers and sisters to be happy forever!" She replied in her fantastic Chinese accent "Wow! That's amazing! I have never thought of it like that before!" We have Chinese Elders that should be getting in contact with her. Unfortunately I can't teach her because we pass on all the Chinese to the Chinese Elders. She was amazing. I could feel my love for her grow throughout our conversation. I find it amazing how the Spirit can touch you in to develop Christlike love for someone in such a short amount of time. I thought and laughed at the thought after teaching her "I could have easily served in China."

It has been very cold and wet the past two days. I don't like it when it rains all day because sharing the gospel is hard because everyone is put into a rubbish mood. Elder Lamb is doing great. I'm teaching him a lot of things throughout the day and he has been very humble and teachable throughout. I've been quite impressed by how well teaches for how long he has been out. I've been trying to help him use some more personality in finding by example and I have been sharing how I do so.

Most people are transfered after about two or three. More likely three. Birkenhead and South Ribble were only two. Southport was three. So I think that this one will be at least three possibly four. I'm going to find a driving instructor within the next two days. I should be able to just start where I left off so there shouldn't be too much of a setback, if any.

Reading from Jesus the Christ recently has been very uplifting. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to read it about every other morning. The insights James E. Talmage has are simply brilliant. Through reading and feeling of the Spirit, it has helped me come to know my Savior better and how amazing the Master truly is. His ability to teach others is thought provoking and inspired. I hope and pray to do my best to apply His principles as I share the gospel with my brothers and sisters.

President Preston is definitely different than President Bullock. He is more laid back and seems to be less strict. He has a lot of love for others and he shows it. I have my first interview with him tomorrow so I will write and tell you how that all goes.

I love you all and hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am! May the Lord continue to bless our lives immensely!


P.S. I am looking forward to meeting Bob Davidson as well. What faith is he? The pictures I sent were from Leyland my last day. That was my favorite park called Worden Park. St. Andrew church was built in the 1550's I believe and that cross in the middle of the road is from the 11th century. Simply amazing. Also my district leader, Elder Hughes from Oklahoma serving in Blackpool