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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 47-Manchester England-Manchester

Hello Family!

We saw the hand of the Lord in helping us get in contact with Julian. We were unable to make contact while he was away due to the fact that it was going straight to voicemail when we called and no one answered the door when we tried by. While traveling to an appointment by bus when I felt impressed to try by Julian's home again. The impression came right after speaking to an atheist next to me. The stop was immediately following so I jumped off and told Elder Suss, "Let's go."

We got off and knocked to find him in! He had lost his phone while on holiday and expressed to us that he still wanted to continue learning. He had also read in the Book of Mormon while he was away to our great surprise. It was an answer to numerous prayers I had made to my Heavenly Father. Looks like the Spirit whispered to our family in numerous ways this week. An increased testimony from each of us has been developed as mentioned in D&C 130 that every blessing we receive is predicated upon obedience. Whether it be attending the temple or sharing the gospel, the principle is the same. We will be seeing Julian tomorrow.

Sister Gregson called me during companionship study a couple of days ago to also share the experience with me. I was greatly touched. My love for Elder Suss continues to increase day by day. I am still working on the principle of patience in certain occasions in the work, but nonetheless, my love increases as I am aware in developing this Christlike attribute.

We saw many other great occurrences this week. One being a less-active member named Ona. She is from Lithuania and we saw her the previous week. She lives the gospel perfectly except to the fact of church attendance due to her work schedule. We went by to teach her but after speaking to her son Giedrus, he told us she wasn't in. I then asked him a few questions and talked to him about the gospel for a minute or two. I then asked if we could come in and teach him and accepted. He had been taught by the missionaries about a year or so ago. We shared the Restoration with him and seemed to understand most of it. We are seeing him as well tomorrow.

Elder Lamb and I street contacted a man named Kenneth the day before transfers. He is from Houston but his wife is English and they're are both black. We set up an appointment with him and taught him a couple of days ago. His wife wasn't in the lesson. She is a devout Pentecostal Christian and Kenneth has a belief in God but desires a real answer to know he is there. Due to his wife's faith, she has tried to help him develop an answer through the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues and being "slain" by the Spirit. We discussed this with him and how the Holy Ghost can and does work. We also mentioned the Restoration and Book of Mormon and committed him to read and pray.

We also taught a man named John whom I bus contacted a couple of weeks back. He is English and is an evangelical Christian. He has attended numerous churches in the past and is a studier of the Bible. He is one who picks and chooses the doctrine he likes in these different churches he has attended. We also shared the Restoration with him. He was asking many questions in regard to the great apostasy and priesthood authority in Jesus Christ's Church. I did a lot of the talking in that lesson due to the types of questions and vocabulary he was using. We discussed scriptures in the Bible to refer to each others viewpoint concerning his questions. I am grateful that it was never a bash but was a very good discussion. We also had questions in regards to the Holy Ghost and what His nature and purpose is according to our doctrine. Elder Suss and I each both bore powerful testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon to close. We are seeing him in a couple of weeks.

Driving lessons continue to go well. I am doing one lesson a week for one hour until my practical test on September 28th. Just working on minor touches to this point and making things habits to ensure I pass my test, but I am completely comfortable driving a manual at this point. I wouldn't mind driving one when I return :)

I am glad to hear everything went superb this first full week of school. Does everyone like their teachers and classes? Are we happy? How is Colton being at home? Anxious/excited/ nervous? How is the mission preperation going?

What is Elissa's address? I sent her a letter a month or so ago but it came back with an incorrect address. I forgot to mention that I got a letter from Tom and the family. They were all fantastic and enjoyed each of what they said. I also got a letter from Zach and his mother that were also briliant around the same time as Tom's.

My conclude by expressing my love and gratitude for each of your examples and continuous love towards me. I am grateful for my upbringing. That I was taught the principles of rightouesness and how to have true happiness through them. And that throught those principles, I have progressed into the individual I am today. I am grateful for you continual spiritual experiences and examples. Remember this teaching, "How is it done (Enos 1:7-8)?" Become.


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